OT Services

Working with the family and child, in the child's home or community, direct consultation and/ or intervention with the Occupational Therapist to reach goals in the following areas:

  • Community outings (i.e. dentist visit, grocery stores, haircut, etc.)
  • Sensory programming for regulation
  • Emotional awareness (i.e. Interoception)
  • Bedtime routines for calming
  • Self-help skills 
    • Dressing skills
    • Bathing skills
    • Toileting skills
    • Feeding skills

*Currently there is a waitlist for services, please contact via email for a spot on our services waitlist for private OT

Feeding Therapy Group

Feeding group runs for 12 weeks (with weekly sessions). Each session includes programming and intervention with the OT and OT aide working with your child to increase positive interaction with food in a play based approach. Parents to meet simultaneously with the psychologist to discuss strategies to use in the home environment. Sessions to run on Thursday afternoons. 

*Please contact to join the waitlist for feeding group sessions. These sessions are grouped by both age and developmental level.


  • Some insurance providers have OT coverage (if available, please check your insurance coverage). We do not direct bill at this time. 
  • FSCD funding (Family Support for Children with Disabilities): Please mention this upon contacting us.